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3 Advanced Diagnostic Panels With Over 300 Biomarkers

  • Advanced Annual Health Panel & Physical

  • Lifestyle Genetic Test

  • Biological Aging Test

Detailed Health Optimization Plan with Physician Review

4 Physician Coaching Sessions & Quarterly Lab Work

Year-Round In-Clinic or Virtual Care with a NP

Vetted Specialist Referrals

Same-Day Prescription Renewals

On-Site Blood Draws

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An image of a patient, Ethan, a 32 year old software developer.

Benefits of Joining Dr. Hershberg's Precision Medicine Membership


Dedicated Physician Care

Build a strong relationship with a dedicated physician who knows your health intimately.


Get Your Detailed Health Blueprint

Leverage 3 advanced diagnostic panels with 300+ biomarkers reviewed by a physician.


Improve Your Diet & Nutrition

Improve your diet with dietary genetic insights and clinician recommendations.


Optimize Your Health Based On Your Genetics

Gain valuable insights into how your genetics can influence your lifestyle.


Enhance Longevity & Reverse the Clock on Aging

Understand your body’s aging process and receive recommendations to slow it down.


Annual Health Optimization Planning with Physician Coaching

Stay proactive with an annually updated, physician-crafted optimization plan.

Inside Our Comprehensive Membership

Our Membership Includes

Hear from Our Patients

Discover How Others Used Our Membership

Ethan, 32, Software Developer


Ethan was determined to tackle his chronic digestive issues and optimize his gut health for better overall wellness.

Why He Joined Our Program

Frustrated with conventional approaches that offered little relief, Ethan was drawn to the personalized and comprehensive analysis offered by the membership.

What We Discovered

The lifestyle genetic test revealed intolerances to certain foods that Ethan consumed regularly.


Guided by a physician, Ethan adjusted his diet to eliminate triggering foods. His digestive symptoms greatly diminished, and his follow-up tests indicated a healthy gut flora balance.

Isabella, 32, Marathon Runner


Isabella wanted to enhance her endurance and reduce recovery time to compete in marathons more effectively.

Why She Joined Our Program

After struggling with fatigue and slow recovery, Isabella sought a personalized health plan that could be integrated into her rigorous training schedule.

What We Discovered

The advanced diagnostic panels revealed Isabella had specific sensitivities contributing to her inflammation, and her genetic test indicated a predisposition to slower muscle recovery.


With tailored nutrition and supplement recommendations based on her sensitivities and genetic profile, Isabella saw a marked improvement in her endurance and a reduction in recovery time, leading to personal bests in her subsequent marathons.

Susie, 37, Corporate Lawyer


Susie sought to mitigate her hereditary risk for cardiovascular issues and improve her overall heart health.

Why She Joined Our Program

With a demanding career and a family history of heart disease, Isabel needed a proactive approach to manage her health risks effectively.

What We Discovered

The diagnostic panels indicated elevated biomarkers related to heart health, and the lifestyle genetic test showed a genetic predisposition to higher LDL cholesterol levels.


Susie’s annual health optimization plan included a heart-healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress-reduction techniques. After a year, her follow-up labs showed improved biomarker levels, and she reported feeling more energetic and focused, with a greater sense of well-being.

A Membership That Goes Beyond Your Annual Physical


Traditional Annual Physical

Comprehensive lab work review
1 hour
10 minutes
Physician coaching & follow-ups
4 per year
Metabolic health & BMI assessment
Lifestyle genetic testing
Biological age testing
Detailed annual health optimization plan
On-demand medical care

How Does The Precision Medicine Membership Compare?


On-Demand Care Membership

Precision Medicine Membership

Executive Health Membership with Full Body MRI

Unlimited same or next-day in-clinic or virtual appointments six days a week

Dedicated patient care member line you can call or text for anything including: booking appointments, membership assistance, medical inquiries and more

Same-day prescription renewals by phone, email or text

Onsite blood draws or requisitions by phone, email or text

Vetted specialist referrals

One-stop shop for medical care, nutrition, skin health & wellness services at one location

Access to a complimentary snack bar and beverage station

Member pricing on a suite of medical care, nutrition, skin health & wellness services

Essential annual health assessment + physical

Ongoing year-round primary care with a dedicated Nurse Practitioner

Advanced annual health assessment + physical

Lifestyle genetic test

Biological age test

Annual health optimization plan with physician review

Quarterly physician coaching sessions & lab work

Access to full body MRI screening, prostate or breast MRI screening and coronary (cardiac) CTA MRI screening

Ongoing year-round primary care with a dedicated Physician

Direct physician access through email or cell phone

Meet Your Precision Medicine Team

Upon signing-up, you will get to select your dedicated physician. In addition to your dedicated physician, you will be supported by a team of dedicated nurses and nurse practitioners.

Precision Medicine Physician

Dr. Melissa Hershberg, MD CCFP

Medical Director and Lead Physician

An image of Renee Bradley, Wellness Haus' nurse practitioner.

Dr. Ross Book, MD CCFP

Executive Health Physician

An image of Renee Bradley, Wellness Haus' nurse practitioner.

Precision Medicine Care Team

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