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Diagnostic Lab Panel Testing

The easiest way to get lab work done.

Diagnostic lab panels without the waiting room. We offer comprehensive lab tests designed to provide you with a detailed assessment of key areas of your health. Please note that diagnostic lab panel testing is available only to individuals who are 18+.

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Personal Medical Care With Every Panel

What is included:

First Visit:

Consultation and assessment with a Nurse Practitioner

Medical & wellness history review

Onsite blood draw at our clinic or concierge blood draw at your home for lab testing

Second Visit (virtual):

In-depth review of your lab work with a Nurse Practitioner

Personalized report of your results with next steps

Record coordination/ consolidation (if required)

Package Benefits

Fast &

Dedicated Nurse Practitioner care

No wait time, same-day bookings

Personalized consultation and assessment

Personalized care report

Reliable & Comprehensive

Medical & wellness history review

On-site or concierge blood draws for lab testing

Direct access to our virtual Patient Care chat

Record consolidation

Diagnostic Lab Panel Testing

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Our Panels

Basic Health Check

The Basic Health Check Panel is a comprehensive set of blood tests designed to provide a basic overview of your general health and wellness, as well as offering early disease detection. This panel includes a variety of tests that assess various aspects of your cardiovascular, metabolic, kidney, and blood health allowing you to address potential health concerns before they become more serious. Please note: The price displayed below reflects the cost of the comprehensive care package we offer, not the tests associated with the package. If you do not have OHIP, an additional charge will apply for laboratory testing.

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Advanced Health Check

The Advanced Health Check panel is a comprehensive set of blood tests designed to provide a detailed assessment of your overall health and wellness, as well as early disease detection. This panel covers a range of tests that evaluate your cardiovascular, metabolic, thyroid, vitamin, kidney, liver, and blood health, empowering you to take proactive measures to maintain your well-being.

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Basic Heart Health

The Basic Heart Health panel is a focused set of blood tests designed to screen for risk factors associated with heart disease, cholesterol levels, and clotting factors. This panel aims to provide you with essential information about your cardiovascular health, enabling you to take preventive measures and maintain a healthy heart.

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Advanced Heart Health

The Advanced Heart Health panel is an extensive set of blood tests designed to assess your risk of heart disease, cholesterol levels, specific lipoproteins associated with heart disease, and clotting factors. We recommend this panel if you are over the age of 40 and have a family history of heart disease in a first-degree relative (parent or sibling).

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Chronic Fatigue

The Chronic Fatigue Panel is a comprehensive set of blood tests designed to help identify potential underlying causes of chronic fatigue, such as hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or metabolic issues. This panel enables you to uncover any contributing factors to your persistent tiredness and take targeted steps towards improving your energy levels and overall well-being.

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Male or Female Precision Panels

The Women's Precision Panel is a holistic suite of tests tailored to evaluate critical health metrics integral to women's well-being. This panel covers a broad spectrum, from general health indicators like CBC and lipid profiles to hormone levels essential for reproductive and overall health. Similarly, the Men's Precision Panel offers a comprehensive set of tests designed specifically for men, encompassing general health markers such as CBC and A1C, crucial hormones like testosterone, and prostate health through the PSA test, providing a robust overview of male health metrics.

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Celiac Screening

The Celiac Screening Panel is a comprehensive set of blood tests designed to assess for celiac disease, vitamin deficiencies, anaemia, and gluten intolerance. This panel provides essential information about your body's response to gluten and enables you to take appropriate measures to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

The Food Sensitivity Panel is a comprehensive test designed to assess your body's reaction to over 200 different foods by measuring the levels of IgG antibodies in your blood. This panel helps identify potential food sensitivities or intolerances, which can manifest as digestive issues, skin problems, fatigue, headaches, or other symptoms.

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Hair Loss

The Hair Loss Panel is a comprehensive set of blood tests designed to help identify potential causes of hair loss, such as hormonal imbalances, inflammation, vitamin deficiencies, or anaemia. By uncovering the underlying factors contributing to hair loss, this panel allows you to take steps to address and improve your hair health.

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Thyroid Panel

The "Thyroid Panel" is a targeted set of blood tests designed to assess the health and function of your thyroid gland, which plays a crucial role in your body's metabolism, energy production, and overall hormonal balance. This panel can help identify potential thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or autoimmune thyroid conditions.

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Toxic Metal Screening

The Toxic Metals Panel is a specialized set of blood tests designed to assess your body's levels of various toxic metals, which can have harmful effects on your health if present in excessive amounts. Checking your metal toxicity levels is helpful if you believe you have been exposed to toxic metals through work or living conditions.

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How It Works

Step 1

Select a Diagnostic Lab Panel Test

Choose a desired lab test based on your current health goals or needs.

Step 2

Schedule your Appointment

Book a time that works with your schedule at one of our locations or book our convenient concierge service.

Step 3

Begin your Assessment and Consultation

Arrive on-site for your appointment and receive a thorough assessment and consultation about your medical and wellness history with a clinician.

Step 4

Sample Collection

Following your assessment and consultation, a clinician will collect your sample for lab testing.

Step 5

Review your Personalized Care Report with a Nurse Practitioner

Once you results are in, review your personalized care report that includes recommendations and next steps.

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