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Your Partner for Medical Care, Weight Loss, Skin Health, & Wellness
An image of Dr. Melissa Hershberg, the lead physician at Wellness Haus.

Our Services

Navigate through the core areas of our clinic. Each button below leads you to one of our dedicated pillars — offering a tailored approach to your health journey.

01 - Medical Care

Consistent, Top-Tier Medical Care

Focused on proactive, personalized healthcare, we offer a suite of services designed to monitor and manage your health with precision.

02 - Weight Loss

Effective, Biology-Driven Weight Loss

Embark on your weight-loss journey with confidence, guided by medical expertise. We offer structured and personalized programs.

An image of Dr. Melissa Hershberg, the lead physician at Wellness Haus.

Dr. Melissa Hershberg, MD CCFP

Best-Selling Author and Weight Loss Expert

03 - Skin Health

Evidence-Based, Comprehensive Skin Care

Explore our suite of skin health treatments and programs, tailored to enhance, rejuvenate, and address specific skin concerns.

An image of Renee Bradley, Wellness Haus' nurse practitioner.

Renee Bradley, NP

Expert Injector and Nurse Practitioner

04 - Wellness Therapies

Advanced, Wellness Therapies & Treatments

Advanced therapeutics and treatments designed to optimize your health and well-being and make you feel better, longer.

An image of Elena Gouzenkova, a nurse and clinic manager at Wellness Haus.

Elena Gouzenkova, RN

Nurse & Clinic Manager

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We're building the next chapter of 
healthcare, grounded in holistic care 
and medical precision.

Dr. Melissa Hershberg

Medical Director and Lead Physician

Our Expert Clinicians

Meet our clinicians who use the latest scientific research to uncover the root causes of your health issues, address them now, and prevent them in the future.

Our Location

413 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON M5P 2W1
A map of Wellness Haus' location within Forest Hill, located at 451 Spadina Rd.