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Optimize Your Health
Based On Your Genetics

Perfect for those aiming to optimize their health based on their genetic makeup.

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Identify potential health risks in your DNA.


Are you genetically predisposed to type 2 diabetes?

Discover your genetic vitamin needs.


How effectively do you process Vitamins A, B12, and D?

Reveal genetic-based sensitivities.


Is your genetic makeup prone to lactose intolerance?

Uncover genetic insights into your brain health.


Are you more likely to face late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease?

Unlock your genetic fitness blueprint.


What's your genetic predisposition to injury risk?

CAD 499

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Lifestyle Genetic Test At a Glance

What’s Included?

We use your genetic data to help enhance your health.

First Visit (In-Person)

Second Visit (Virtual)

CAD 499

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Dive Deep into Your DNA

What Can Our Lifestyle Genetic Test Tell You?

Diet Insights

Food Sensitivities

Specific Nutrient Needs

Physical Fitness

Mental Well-Being


Obesity Risk

Hormonal Health


Book Your Lifestyle Genetic Test Today

Lifestyle Genetic Test

CAD 499

What's Included?

First Visit (In-Person)

Medical & Wellness History Review

Genetic Testing via Cheek Swab

Second Visit (Virtual)

Actionable Results Report About 127 Unique Variants Across 96 Genes

Review with Clinician

Getting Started

How It Works

Step 1

Complete Your Cheek Swab 
In-Clinic at Wellness Haus

Visit our clinic and receive a non-invasive cheek swab.

Step 2

Review Your Results & Report With A Clinician Virtually

After your assessment, schedule a virtual visit to review your results and recommendations.

Step 3

Take Action & Improve Your Overall Health

Start taking control of your health with insights to help you reach your health goals.

Ming’s Recommendations

Limit saturated fat to under 10% of daily calories due to your genetic risk of related health issues.

Due to a genetic risk, consider testing homocysteine and using specific B12 and 5-methylfolate supplements.

Your two E3 variants suggest normal cholesterol levels and a lower risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

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