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One-stop shop for medical care, nutrition, skin health & wellness.

Year-Round Care Memberships

An image of Renee Bradley, Wellness Haus' nurse practitioner.

Dr. Melissa Hershberg, MD CCFP

Medical Director and Lead Physician

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On-Demand Care Membership

Precision Medicine Membership

Executive Health Membership with Full Body MRI

Unlimited same or next-day in-clinic or virtual appointments six days a week

Dedicated patient care member line you can call or text for anything including: booking appointments, membership assistance, medical inquiries and more

Same-day prescription renewals by phone, email or text

Onsite blood draws or requisitions by phone, email or text

Vetted specialist referrals

One-stop shop for medical care, nutrition, skin health & wellness services at one location

Access to a complimentary snack bar and beverage station

Member pricing on a suite of medical care, nutrition, skin health & wellness services

Essential annual health assessment + physical

Ongoing year-round primary care with a dedicated Nurse Practitioner

Advanced annual health assessment + physical

Lifestyle genetic test

Biological age test

Annual health optimization plan with physician review

Quarterly physician coaching sessions & lab work

Access to full body MRI screening, prostate or breast MRI screening and coronary (cardiac) CTA MRI screening

Ongoing year-round primary care with a dedicated Physician

Direct physician access through email or cell phone

Put your health in your hands

Designed to Make Your Healthcare Effortless

Primary care acts as your initial point of contact in the healthcare system, guiding you through all health-related challenges and changes. Our goal is to understand you thoroughly, making any health issues you face less overwhelming. We ensure that all aspects of your health are considered and managed, tying up any loose ends. By handling the complexities of your care, we aim to let you focus on enjoying life.

For solving problems

Chronic disease

Hormone health

Gut health

Preventative care

Metabolic health

Mental health

For reaching goals

Chronic disease

Nutrition & weight loss

Fitness & body composition

Habit formation

Mental clarity, focus & energy

Chronic condition management

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