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Age is Just a Number –
Find Out Your Body's Biological Age

We go beyond the calendar to show you the age your body feels and functions at, empowering you with knowledge to potentially slow down the aging process.

An infographic that shows how Wellness Haus will show you your pace of aging.

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Assess the real age of your body.


Is your biological age better than, your chronological age?

Find out how fast you're aging.


Are you aging faster or slower than expected?

Understand the impact of lifestyle on aging.


Could your diet be influencing your rate of aging?

Explore avenues to potentially reverse age markers.


What interventions might rejuvenate your cellular health?

Tailor your personal care strategy to feel younger, longer.


What steps can you take to lower your biological age?

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Biological Age Testing At a Glance

What’s Included?

Delve into the depths of your body's aging process.

First Visit (In-Person)

Second Visit (Virtual)

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Discover Your Biological Age

What Insights Can Our Biological Age Test Provide?

Discover Your Cellular Age

Find Out Your Aging Rate

Determine Lifestyle Impact

Reverse Aging Indicators

Plan Your Longevity Strategy

Improve Health Span Quality


Book Your Biological Age Test Today

Biological age test

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What's Included?

First Visit (In-Person)

Medical & Wellness History Review

Biological Age Test & Finger-Prick Blood Draw

Second Visit (Virtual)

Actionable Results Report

Results Review with Clinician

Getting Started

How It Works

Step 1

Get Your Finger-Prick Sample at Wellness Haus

Visit our clinic and receive a non-invasive cheek swab.

Step 2

Review Your Results & Report With A Clinician Virtually

After your assessment, schedule a virtual visit to review your results and recommendations.

Step 3

Take Action & Improve Your Overall Health

Start taking control of your health with insights to help you reach your health goals.

Melinda’s Recommendations

Recommendation: Given the accelerated aging markers in your results its recommended to increase your intake of foods rich in polyphenols, such as berries and green tea, which have been associated with DNA repair and may slow down cellular aging.

Recommendation: Your telomere analysis indicates shorter than average length for your age, suggesting increased cellular aging. Engaging in regular moderate-intensity aerobic exercise can help support telomere maintenance and promote telomerase activity.

Recommendation: Your results are commendable, displaying a biological age that is younger than your chronological age. Your lifestyle appears to be contributing positively to your biological age. Sustaining your exercise routine can further support aging.

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