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Men’s Health Program Coming Soon!

We believe in the science of optimization. Get ready for the launch of our Men's Health Program! Sign up now to receive $50 off on the day we go live. Our program includes a dedicated clinician who will assess, monitor, and optimize your prescriptions based on your results and feedback.

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3-Month Membership Cost:

CAD 399

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What's Included?

  • In-depth medical and wellness assessment (completed by NP - 45 min)
  • Full bio-chemistry & hormone lab tests to determine eligibility
  • Personalized men’s health TRT treatment plan
  • Personalized supplement recommendation
  • Additional men’s health treatments if required for:
    ○ Hair loss and erectile dysfunction
  • Virtual treatment plan review with a clinician (completed by NP - 30 min)
  • Virtual clinician follow-up (Month 1, Month 3) (completed by NP - 15 min)